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Service Sign Up


Our low commission, zero risk services include:

  • Free website design, hosting, and maintenance
  • Free online ordering system integration and setup
  • Unlimited menu items, free menu creation & updates
  • Unlimited orders (3% fee, no order no charge
  • Online and offline payments
  • 24/7 live customer support
  • Multi-channel marketing

Contact us by phone, email, WeChat or online form, and our sales manager will call and/or visit you to discuss your specific needs and design a feasible solution for your business. Once an agreement is reached, we will collect your restaurant information and handle the design and setup work for your restaurant.

The initial start up takes approximately one week, but may take longer if integrating a third party POS or delivery system is required.

  • Building your brand. Unlike other online food ordering companies who promote their own website and business, we help restaurants promote your own websites' awareness and business through SEO, marketing etc.
  • Increase your customer base. We bring new customers to your website and retain them through high quality of services.
  • Increase your sales. We speed up your sales with our robust online ordering system and bring your customers the best experience possible.
  • Reduce cost. Our system enables restaurants to automate your ordering processes, thus greatly reducing operation cost.

Costs and Commissions


Free for sign up, no upfront cost, no deposit, no fixed monthly fee, no charges for website design and marketing, and no service fee. The only cost is the commission for each order.

We offer a highly competitive commission rate at as low as 3% of your total order amount. To save more (or even lower the cost to ZERO), we can help you set up an “online booking fee” or “convenience fee”; a percentage or dollar amount on all of your online orders.

No fixed term contract is required. The process is easy and simple. Our agreement includes a cancel at any time policy, so you can pause, stop, or cancel at anytime for any reason!

No, we do not provide delivery service directly. However, we can integrate a third party delivery system to help you manage your deliveries, or send your orders to a third party delivery service for $6.99+ per order.

We serve customers anywhere in the USA.

  • Service Agreement: This is not a fixed-term binding contract; it is an agreement to acknowledge the business relationship of the two parties, and authorize corresponding services upon the agreement. This is an cancel-at-any-time agreement allowing both parties the flexibility to terminate the agreement at any time for any reason.
  • Service package (see form)
  • Restaurant Information (see form) - for online order setup
  • Payment information (see form) - for invoice and accounting



Unlike many companies who promote online ordering through their own web platform, we promote your online ordering through your own website. We put an online ordering button/link on your website and then direct the customer to your online menu on our platform for ordering and payment. This approach will help better promote your own brand, while we stand behind to support your business.

Yes, we specialize in website design! If you sign up for our online order service, we can build you a website for FREE. We take care of everything from domain purchase to design to hosting. The only thing you need to do is provide content for your website. We will work together to create a website that will reach customers with a clear and viable marketing message. Additionally, if you are not yet ready to use our online ordering service, we can still help build your website for an affordable fee.

No problem! If you are satisfied with your current website, we can simply add the online order button to your site. If your website is outdated and needs an upgrade or redesign, we will also handle that for FREE.

It will take approximately one week to put your restaurant website online; it may take a bit longer if more integration or design work is needed. We can evaluate this with you based on your needs.

Yes, we can help maintain your website, and keep it up and running while taking care of all technical issues. We will also maintain informational updates for you, including (but not limited to) updating hours of operation, announcements, promotions, photos, menus, and pricing. We will work with you to keep your website up-to-date and competitive.

We can help you purchase a domain name for your website. If you want to use your own domain name, that is absolutely fine.

Menu and Online Ordering Setup


In order to start using your online ordering, we need to setup the following items:

  • Online Menu
  • Restaurant information - location, contact and hours of operation
  • Delivery Zones
  • Tax rate, tips, delivery fee, booking fee, etc.
  • Payment Options
  • Tablets, cloud printers, emails, faxes
  • Website Integration
  • Third party POS or delivery system integration, if applicable

We create your online menu at no charge, aka completely for free! You will need to provide a high resolution pdf version of your current menu (the one you used your paper menu, which you can obtain from your printing company). You can send it to us by email, WeChat, or as an online submission.

Typically, your online menu will be active a couple of days after we receive your original digital pdf menu.

You can have multiple menus, such as one for weekdays, holidays, and special event catering.

There is no limit to how many food items you can have on your online menu.

Yes, food items can be in both English and Chinese.

Absolutely! We can help you add multiple options per your requirement.

Yes, we can help update your menus for free.

Absolutely, just send us your photos. We can also help take professional photos for your food if your restaurant is in applicable area.

Yes, we have the flexibility to create special categories for your promotion.

Yes, we can draw a delivery zone map and set delivery fees based on distance.

Yes, we can set a minimum $ amount on delivery per your request.

Yes, we can set customized hours based on your schedule, with pick-up and delivery listed separately.

Yes, we can set up multiple printers and tablets for you. Extra devices will incur a fee depending on the setup.

Contact us, and we will work with you according your new schedule. You can always turn on/off your online service by using your back-end tool.

Contact us and we will do it for you accordingly.

Online Order Management


Your can receive online orders by multiple ways:

  • Web browser - We will provide you an online order web interface that you can open with a browser on any device such as desktop and laptop computers, tablets, and mobile phones. You can monitor and view your orders in detail.
  • Printer - Want to print your orders? It's easy! We can help you set up cloud printers in your restaurant, so orders will print out directly when they come in.
  • Email - We can send online orders to your email box as well. Check it in real time or keep them as archives.
  • Fax - If you are having problems with your internet, we can also send you orders by legacy fax.

When orders are coming, you will receive automatic notification phone calls, simply hang up to terminate the notification. If you are on the browser, you will hear the tone ring for new coming orders. Otherwise, check your printer, fax machine, or email inbox for new orders.

  • Order type - such as pick-up or delivery
  • Time - such as when the order is placed and when to be picked up or to be delivered
  • Customer contact - name, address, and phone number
  • Food details - each food item and quantity in the order
  • Dollar amount of each food item, miscellaneous fees (tax, tips, deliver fee, booking fee etc.), and total
  • Payment method - Online by credit card or PayPal, or offline (paid in store) by cash or credit card

Yes, future orders or pre-orders are supported.

Food menu items can be displayed in Chinese. All other information will be in English.

Yes, customers will need to call the restaurant to cancel an order. Once we receive the cancellation from the restaurant, the order will be removed, and a full refund will be issued if already charged.

Yes, customers will need to call the restaurant to cancel some food items. Once we receive the notice from the restaurant, the items will be removed from the order, payment amount will be recalculated, and a partial refund will be issued if already charged.

No, in this case, the customer must place a new order for the additional items.

Yes, there is a comment area on the order for customer to write any special requirements.

Yes, when the customer successfully places an order, a confirmation message will be sent to the customers email and phone via SMS.

On the restaurant order monitoring interface, just click the “Pick-up Notice” button on the order. The customer will receive a notification by phone call, SMS, and email automatically.

No, we are not responsible for no-show orders. If the customer has paid online, it is up to the restaurant to decide how to deal with the payment. If the customer did not pay online, it is the restaurants responsibility to contact the customer regarding the issue.

For all orders using online credit card or PayPal payment, our payment system will verify the customers credit card or PayPal account is valid, and verify the customers information to match the credit card. Orders with fake cards or accounts will be declined before the order is sent to the restaurant. However, for offline paid-in-store orders, it is the restaurants responsibility to contact the customer and verify that the order is valid.

Restaurant Management Interface


The restaurant management interface (or back-end interface) is a web browser interface for the restaurant to manage your online orders, menus, and operating hours. It is very user-friendly and easy to use.

  • Receive orders and display current order list - you will get an alert for new orders and see the amount of orders you have received each day
  • View details of each particular order - click on the order to check details
  • View historical orders from the last 7 days, this month, and last month - handy way to back check previous orders
  • View business summary of the total number of orders and total payment, etc. - see how your business is doing today and within the past two months
  • One-key pick-up notice for customer - just one click to notify your customer their order is ready to pick up via phone, SMS and email
  • Enable/disable pick-up and delivery - one click to turn on/off your pick-up and/or delivery service on the fly; the changes will show up on your website and take effect immediately
  • Set or adjust pick-up and delivery lead time - a handy way to adjust your preparation time based on how busy your business is; the changes will appear on your website and take effect immediately
  • Enable/disable menu (one minute to switch regular menu and holiday menu) - want to quickly change menus between holiday and regular days with no hassle? In just a few clicks you can update, and the website will reflect updates immediately
  • Enable/disable menu categories - want to turn on/off a large category of food items? It can be done with one click
  • Enable/disable menu items - want to add/remove one item from the menu? It can be done with one click
  • Change menu item prices - just type in the new price and submit; the changes will show up on your website and take effect immediately

Payment and Fees


We offer flexible options for online orders. You can choose to use offline (pay-in-store) payment--meaning customers will pay cash or card in your restaurant or at delivery--or you can choose online payment, meaning customers will pay by credit card or PayPal when they place their order.

If you enable online payment, the customers payment will be sent directly to our payment gateway company for processing. The funds will be deposited in Menustones merchant account, and will be wired to the restaurants bank account after deducting the commission and transaction fees, on a bi-weekly or monthly basis per our accounting circle. For online payment, we will help you handle order refunds and disputes. We will cover the loss if it is proven to be our fault; otherwise, the restaurant will pay for losses caused by "item not received", "missing item or not as described", and "duplicated payments".

If you choose offline payment, you will be responsible for collecting order payments from customers and handling all refunds and disputes by yourself.

Unfortunately, wiring funds daily is a very expensive service and would take additional accounting effort; therefore, we do not offer this service. If you prefer to receive funds on a daily basis, then you may want to consider offline payment instead.

So far, our system does not support that; however, we are working on a solution that would make it possible to deposit payments directly to your restaurants merchant account in the near future.

We use the top rated and most popular payment gateways for processing online order payments. They are fully PCI complaint and very secure. All online transaction data is encrypted and sent to payment gateways directly. Our system does not store any customer credit card information, so there is no need to worry about credit card information leaks on our system. Additionally, all credit cards will be verified and validated through the payment gateway, so as to reduce credit card fraud.

The order will be voided and will not be sent to you. Customer will receive a notification about the transaction failure.

Yes, we can help set up a minimum $ amount for online payment. Orders below the minimum will not be able to pay by credit card online.

Yes, if you choose online payment, the credit card processing fee will be deducted directly by the payment gateway company. The fee will be reflected on your monthly accounting report.

Yes, we can help you set up a “convenience fee” or “booking fee” in $ or % to offload part or all of your online processing fee.

If you collect payment from the customer directly, you will be fully responsible for the refund. Once complete, inform us of the order number and amount of the refund so we can update the accounting change accordingly.

If we collect payment on behalf of you, we will take care of the refund. We will not process refunds without notice from you.

In order to start using your online ordering, we need to setup the following items:

  • Customers pay up front (low risk of false orders)
  • No need to type credit card information into your computers (save time and effort)
  • Secure data transmission and validation (low risk of leak and fraud)
  • Automatically verify, approve and process orders (fast)
  • We help you deal with refunds and disputes (less hassle)

Accounting and Invoices


You will receive your report and invoice between the 1st and 5th of every month by email.

The report lists all transaction details of your sales, total sales and fees, credit card processing fees paid, and commissions you owe.

Your credit card processing fee is deducted automatically by the credit card processing company.

If you use online payment, it will be deducted by us from your sales fund. If you use offline payment, we will charge it to your credit card.

Contact us any time and we will review your questions and provide clarifications.

No worries! Just contact us and we will review the problem and refund your money if overcharged.

Marketing and Promotion


We will promote your restaurant in multiple ways, both online and offline.

Online Marketing:

  • Promotions and discounts - we can setup promotion discounts in $ or % directly on your food ordering page, as well as update promotion messages on your website.
  • SEO - we optimize your website key words and contents to make your website more search engine friendly and easier to find for customers.
  • Google business listing - we can help you set up and manage your google business listing so customers can find your restaurant and online ordering links easily on Google Maps.
  • Apple Maps business listing - we can help you set up your apple maps listing so iPhone users will be able to find your restaurant more easily.
  • Social network website - we can help connect your menu and ordering links to your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
  • Business review portal - we can help update your listings on business review portals such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, and more.
  • Other BBS /websites - we can help you with any other websites you would like to promote your business on.
  • PR report - we can connect your to our PR partners to promote your business to the greater regional media including radio, newspaper, magazine, TV, and community groups.

Offline Marketing:

  • Posters - we can print your online ordering promotion poster for FREE so you can post it on your front door, windows, or inside your restaurant.
  • Business card - we can print your online ordering promotion cards for FREE so you can distribute them to your customers.
  • Marketing, promotion, and discount flyers - we can help design and print your promotional marketing materials with minimal cost.
  • Coupons and gift cards - we can help design and print your coupons and gift cards with minimal cost.
  • Direct mail - we can help you design direct mail flyers and help you select affordable service providers.

Customer Support


Customer service is our strongest competitive advantage; you can reach us 24/7 by phone(###-###-####), email ( or instant chat tools like WeChat (account). We monitor your online orders and website during your business hours, as well as provide live support to make sure your online ordering is running as smoothly as possible.